Welcome to the UK Flag Registry

The Flag Institute maintains and manages the national registry of United Kingdom flags.
This is to ensure there is a definitive record of those which exist both nationally and regionally.
There is of course no UK Flag Act, under the authority of which such flags might have been endorsed,
and it therefore falls to the Flag Institute to maintain the formal record.

National flags for the constituent countries of the UK are well established, even if not declared in law to be national flags,
whilst the range of county and regional flags continues to expand as can be seen by the dates of authorisation given for the more recent ones listed.
There is no other formal national listing of these flags.

As new county or regional flags are created they will be added to the list once they have satisfied the strict criteria laid down.
If a flag in common use is not listed here please contact the Webmaster.
To find out more about the criteria for registration please see the section on Registry criteria.