Criteria for inclusion in the Flag Registry

The Flag Institute had drawn up a list of criteria for flags to be included in the new Flag Registry:

The design must be unique within the UK, ie. no other UK area or organisation is using the design
The design must be in the public domain, ie. not subject to copyright
In the case of county flags, the flag must normally apply to a historical county rather than a modern administrative area
The flag must be one of the following: registered with the College of Arms; registered with the Office of the Lord Lyon; the traditional flag; selected by a public vote; or selected by an appropriate county or city organisation
It is possible for an existing flag of a county, city or town council to be included in the Registry, but only where the council concerned has granted permission for its residents to use the flag and recorded this in its minutes
Flags bearing a full achievement of a coat of arms would not ordinarily be recorded in the Registry, as in these cases, we would follow heraldic protocol and advise the use of a rectangular version of the shield on the arms
Ordinarily, flags should follow the Flag Institute’s Civic Flag Design Guidelines

Inclusion in the Flag Registry is completely free of charge